09 March 2011

more hipsta's

a few shots from my iphone today. it seems kind of strange uploading photos taken with a camera phone, but i love these shots.


  1. It's so true! The YM in my ward asked me to teach them a lesson on photography and I asked if they were going to bring cameras. He said, "Can't we just use our phones?" I laughed. But then I remembered your pictures and I said, "Actually you can use your phones" and I showed them your pictures. ha Truly amazing stuff Nate! I love the last pic on this post, the colors are rad!

  2. haha bless your heart! that is pretty funny though. yeah i love shooting with my phone. especially so i don't have to carry my huge camera around all the time, and i don't feel as bad for not having it with me while seeing cool stuff (did that make any sense?).. i hope your lesson went well!