19 January 2012



so i heard of this thing called a "cinemagraph" today in one of my photography classes, and was kind of amazed at what people have done with a simple .gif so i decided to take a few shots after i got done snowboarding today to see what i could do with it. here was my first attempt. more to come, i am sure.

06 January 2012

top 25 of 2011

i went through some of the photos on this blog and compiled what i think to be my top favorite photos from 2011. they were all chosen for different reasons, whether it meant something personal to me, or i just looked the way it looked, the story behind the image, or because i just wanted to try something new and different from my usual and liked the result. some were taken with my phone, others with my camera. they are in no particular order. i had many more favorites, but decided to narrow it down to 25.

in thistle

here are a few shots i stumbled upon this morning from a shoot a while back with Timothy George from the Second Estate

05 January 2012

from above

i purchased a lensbaby the other day and went around salt lake city today to try it out and get used to it. here is one of the shots.