26 September 2014


Sometimes when I need a break from staring at the computer screen I walk around and take photos on campus.

22 September 2014

student advocate

Portrait of one of this years UVU student advocate award winners: Ian Sorenson

I loved the way this portrait turned out, however the one that was actually used was just shot on a white background.

17 September 2014

clint pulver

the man who started the UVU Green Man Group. recently honored at the Alumni Awards banquet. awesome guy. awesome group. awesome portraits.

15 September 2014

ENGAGE: colter day

The past few months we have been working on ENGAGE stories at UVU for the Viewbook and other publications. Here are a few images i did featuring Colter Day, who started his own business and invented a hybrid fly rod. we went out on the provo river around 5am, and couldnt have asked for better conditions.