16 January 2015

Isaac Halasima

This past issue of the UVU Magazine we did an article on a very talented storyteller and director, Isaac Halasima. I had crossed paths with Isaac in the past while photographing concerts, and would see him with a camera in hand filming, but never knew who he was. It was awesome to run into him again, hear his story, get to know him a little better on the shoot, and learn of his accomplishments. He has done work for the Utah Jazz, Real Salt Lake, Imagine Dragons and much, much more.

Visually, we wanted to spotlight his work with Imagine Dragons in directing the "Demons" music video. I shot him in a few scenarios at the "sticky shoe" theater in American Fork, where come to find out, he saw his first movie in a theater there- Goonies. 

We showed up around 5:30 am to set up the first shot outside. composited image with a simple 2-light setup. We even threw in the movie poster in the background for the documentary he did on Imagine Dragons for their Night Visions album.

The second scenario we wanted to have the Demons music video he directed projecting over him inside the theater. The images werent working out as i had envisioned and he was getting lost in the projection, so i took a cannon speedlight with a grid to make out his face a little more and use his shadow to try and incorporate himself into the video.

Jay Drowns (an amazing photographer) on set helping out

The last scenario I used two canon speedlights on each side of him and a strobe behind him with a blue gel to mimic the light coming from the movie projector.

Isaac was a very friendly guy, honest, and very passionate and dedicated to his work. I am excited to see what the future will bring for him.

Check out Isaacs work HERE. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Laurel bridals

as I was going through my past blog posts I realized I havent posted any wedding photos for almost a year! so as I try to remedy that, here are a few bridal photos from the last wedding I shot. These were taken at Log Haven up Millcreek Canyon. Meet Laurel.

09 January 2015

campus in winter

during the holiday break it got pretty slow here at work so one of the days that it snowed i went out and took some photos of campus, including our newest and most uniquely named building on campus, the classroom building (thats really the name of it).

02 January 2015

sunset over the lake of utah

sitting in a meeting a work last month and saw this. had to run and get my camera.

UVU Basketball

Like I had mentioned in an earlier post, I had never shot sports before until I got in this position working at UVU. One thing I have been learning and loving is shooting sports. Each one is very unique in how to shoot it, and getting your timing and rhythm down can take a bit of practice and patience. This was my first attempt at photographing a basketball game and I look forward to many more.