21 January 2011

joshes james- last minute house show

sad day that this weekends show with joshua james and parlor hawk at velour was cancelled due to a family emergency with josh. sad there is a family emergency. josh and friends decided to play a last minute house show last night. it was beautiful. here are a few shots.

14 January 2011

utah lake

i went out to the lake again today to take some pictures for a school assignment. it was seriously so peaceful and beautiful. i could have sat there all day. i think my HDR's are coming along a little better..

07 January 2011

frozen @ the lake of utah

i went out to utah lake the other day to take some pictures at sunset. it was freezing cold but amazingly beautiful. here are a mix of some shots with a few HDR's.

04 January 2011

screen shots

here are a couple screen shots from a stop-motion video i made a little while ago for a friend and fellow photographer, stephanie cheney. the video was shot up in eden (northern utah) and it was freezing cold! she contacted me and asked if i would be interested in doing this video to show for their wedding, instead of a slide-show for a video. i gladly accepted. the video will be posted after their wedding day.