17 December 2014

meet the Jacobsen's

my sisters-in-law married brothers and I couldnt have asked for a better family to marry in to.

08 December 2014


Josaphine is the sweetest and most amazing lady in the world, and we have been blessed by the opportunity of being neighbors with her. She has been a widow for longer than I have been alive yet says she has never felt alone. Her strength of character and tenderness blesses my heart.

She has been working on her personal history, so I asked her if she would let me take some photos for her that she could use in it. Me and my wife had a wonderful time taking these photos and getting to know her a little better.

Meet Josaphine.

12 November 2014

unseen cover

Sometimes you do work at work that will never be used because it doesnt work. This is such a work.

...but it works for me.

05 November 2014

UVU Sports

One thing I have loved about working at UVU is shooting sports. Other than a small portion of a class I had at school, I had never photographed sporting events, but now I am shooting it for marketing. I am glad I have a great teacher and supervisor with a lot of sport shooting under his belt. So far I have only been here for a little over 7 months so I have only been able to participate in half of the sporting season. I am learning a lot and have a lot to learn.