30 April 2010

codee and rachel

i went down to st george a few weeks ago with my friend codee and his wonderful fiance, rachel, to take their engagement pictures and rachels bridal pictures (to be posted later). it was pretty fun

20 April 2010

in the middle

here is a video me and my friend jake buntjer did for one of our photography finals at school. it is shot completely with still images, put together to make the video. i contacted joshua james to see if it would be ok to use one of his songs for our project, and he graciously approved. thanks to annie and sam for doing a great job modeling for the shots and josh for letting use use one of his glorious songs! hope you enjoy. this is one of my favorite songs.. ever.

19 April 2010

cory mon and the starlight gospel, and tim reynolds

i was privileged to photograph a concert in salt lake of cory mon and his band while they opened up for tim reynolds (the guy who plays with dave matthews)! it was great. cory mon and the starlight gospel put on an awesome show and i look forward to their album release! you guys should seriously check them out. i have known cory for a few years and love to hear them play live. here are just a couple of my favorite shots from the concert..