30 July 2010


so this is probably my first real attempt at a HDR photo- of the golden gate bridge. technically you should use a tripod (because you have to take a few pictures and they need to all match up exactly). i didnt want to run back to the car to get it, so here is my handheld HDR.

i have some awesome shots i am way excited about from my san fran trip with my friend jake. i will post them soon!

17 July 2010

brooks and tiff

brooks and tiff are great friends of mine and we had a blast  cruisn around the golf course in the carts taking shots!

12 July 2010

the canyon

i went camping over the weekend with some friends, and we were caught in a thunderstorm! the next morning was so peaceful and beautiful as i went for a walk by myself. it made for some beautiful photos.

02 July 2010

codee & rachel wedding

this was the wedding of one of my best friends, codee. it was such a fun wedding for me to shoot! codee and rachel are awesome. and make for some beautiful photos.