05 November 2013

encompassing the square

here are a few more photos from the project i have been working on of reflections of the salt lake temple. it has been almost a year since i started this project and hopefully it will wrap up this winter!

12 September 2013

card game

i was asked to help out with a beta run of photos for a card game that is in process of creation. this is just a couple photos from the shoot.

28 August 2013

andy 3:16

i met andy the other day walking around downtown slc while i was working on a personal photo project. he told me God told him to come talk to me. we ended up chatting for quite a while about life, his pan-handling successes/failures, the good Lord, and more. after which he told me to take his photo. he is a good man.

19 August 2013

09 June 2013

book on tapeworm- architext

special thanks to scott shepard and cierra (black) walker with BOOK ON TAPEWORM for helping with this project. book on tapeworm is beauty in my ears. 

09 May 2013


me and my wife got to go to maui for about a week. amazing. this was the beach we stayed on.

25 April 2013

encompassing the square

i have been working on this project since january (and it will continue throughout the year) but i am looking to have a little interaction with my work in hopes to help others see a little bit more than they are used to. i have taken a series of photos of the salt lake Temple, downtown salt lake city, but these images are unique in the fact that my camera was never pointed toward the temple. these are all single exposure shots of the reflection of the temple.

IS IS WHERE YOU COME IN: the first person to go find where these shots were taken gets a free print of your choosing (and i have a TON more like these in great variety). i would like you to take a photo with your phone in the location it was taken (i included a map with drop pins in the general areas), emulate the reflected image of the temple the best you can, and send it to me via email (nathanielrayphotography@gmail.com) or tag me on instagram with your image (n8edwards). some of these images are pretty obvious, but others may be a little more of a challenge.

there are millions of images of the salt lake temple out there, and millions people have been to temple square, but i feel there is so much more to experience and it is often overlooked. this project, when it is finished, will hopefully change the way we view the salt lake temple and the surrounding areas, and if we are so lucky, it may change the way we view life, for the better.

23 February 2013

screen shots- joshua james

the other day i was working on a music video of joshua james at his house. here are a couple screen shots from the day.