31 October 2014

2014 October General Conference

I have been living one of my dreams this past year- photographing General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was asked to help in assisting a couple years ago and have actually been shooting the past two conferences and love it! I remember when I was younger and just dipping my toe into photography, I approached a photographer at conference and asked him how one would go about doing what he is doing. I was pretty much told "good luck" (I don't know who he was but I haven't seen him since).

As I am out photographing during conference, I get asked the same question multiple times, and to be honest, I still don't know how one goes about photographing General Conference for the Church. The good Lord just blessed me to be in the right places at the right times to meet the right people.

I have a wonderful wife that has supported me from the beginning. She even came to visit me at work yesterday to bring me a copy of the new Ensign to surprise me (It hasn't come in the mail yet) because one of my images was being used for the cover!

28 October 2014


here on campus we do a lot of lifestyle shoots and portraits for different departments to be used in recruitment material, signs, banners, brochures, etc.

23 October 2014


A few photos of the new Student Life and Wellness Center here at UVU. I wish they had this when I was going to school.

01 October 2014


here are some images i had worked on for UVU President Matthew Holland's 5 year report to the community. the mountain theme was chosen to illustrate UVU being on the rise and to show how far the university has come and the heights it has reached, particularly in the past 5 years. most local people here will receive one in the mail, but the online version has many more beautiful photos (check it out here at: http://www.uvu.edu/5year/).

i went out a few different days and times shooting all around timp and lastly we hiked timp with president Holland and some students for a photo to go in the report. Here are some of my favorites: