17 December 2010


my friend kurt called me this morning around 6:30 and told me the provo tabernacle was burning down! i got up, grabbed my camera and headed over. it was seriously a sad morning. i love that building. i have had many stake conferences in there, and have photographed it a couple times. in fact my last post right before this, i was wanting to try some HDR photos and felt i should go take some at the provo tabernacle. glad i did because i didn't know it was going to burn down a couple days later!

here are some shots from this morning..


  1. Very sad, but those are some really awesome pictures that you took, bravo.

  2. amazing pictures, once again.


  3. You have some shots that I haven't seen yet. You did a beautiful job at capturing the tragedy. That is a compliment. Just in case it doesn't come across that way.

  4. wow you are amazing! what is this type of picture called it looks like a painting? beautiful!

  5. Eric,
    My father is a captain with Provo Fire and was the first on scene that morning... We are working on a compilation of pictures/videos/stories/witness accounts/etc for him to present to the department (and keep a copy for himself) of one of the most historic fires in provo. Would you be willing to assist us? Your pictures are fantastic.
    Please contact me at sara.beaudry@gmail.com
    I hope to talk to you soon!